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Extended Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Learners will complete 120 credits annually across level 4 and 5 units, totaling 240 credits over two years, equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor's degree. Completing this qualification enables learners to pursue diverse roles in tourism and hospitality management and to advance their studies further.


Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management

The program aims to boost learners' management skills in tourism and hospitality, encouraging them to apply current theories to address complex issues. Upon completion, learners will gain the specialized abilities required for effective decision-making, planning, and adaptation within various tourism and hospitality settings.


Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management

This qualification enhances the skills of tourism professionals and graduates, preparing them for advanced roles or operational management. It combines a contemporary, critical approach with a focus on lifelong learning, enabling learners to address complex management challenges using specialized knowledge and best practices.


Doctor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

The program offers an intensive study in the field of hotel and restaurant management and tourism. With a dual degree system from Switzerland and Europe, students maximize their opportunities for employment, teaching, and consulting after graduation.


Hospitality Institute of Switzerland

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